Friday, April 22, 2016

I felt the Earth move....

I woke around 4, something was calling me to go downstairs.  Even my faithful companion Perry was too sleepy to wake and follow me down.  The slot blinds facing the pond were open and the night sky was glowing.  I moved to the window and looked up to see a deep breath of the moon.  Full and bright as a setting sun.  I decided to meditate to a mantra guided by Deepak Chopra in an old 21 Day Meditation.  Om Bhavam Namah = I am absolute existence: Cultivate Stillness and Commune with Nature.  It just happened to come up in one of the guided meditations I have on my phone.  After a few minutes of repetition....I became aware that the moon was moving.  (okay....we all know it takes the same course along the night sky over and over again!!) but this was different.  From my position on the couch, the silhouette of the moon was just small enough to "fit" between the slots on the blinds.  As I continued my mantra repetition.....I could see the moon moving from one slot to the next.  I thought: "that's weird" then returned back to meditation.  But trying not to think too much into this occurrence....the moon was trying to distract me.  Or was my mediation slowing down my perception so I could be a witness to the speed of the earth rotating - like riding on a carousel and pretending the carousel is standing still and the carnival grounds are all moving around you.  I continued to just be mindful of the my current place on the couch, the position of the couch in the house, the direction of the windows to the sky, the geographic location of my house to the continent, the tilt of the earth in relation to the moon, the reflection of the sun rays on the moon /through the window onto my couch and into my eyes.....all causing a reaction to my retina stimulating a nerve impulse to by occipital brain creating an image and an emotional response of craving this moment.

The connection with nature is soooo powerful and can cause a shift in the way we think and feel.  The above conditions took place over 15-17 minutes of me just waking up and following an urge to move.  There is no medication that can reproduce anything close to what I just experienced in that same speed with out side effects.  I consequently had my morning Sencha green tea and proceded to create this blog -all because I paused and took notice to something in nature that we usually are too busy to marvel.  This is what I love about feeling youthful, there seems to be a peace that young people carry as they have not been exposed to so many trials and daily life interactions.  They dont get caught up in the thoughts of "how does this effect me/whats in it for me/what can I get out of this event".  I think when you let go of an outcome, there is a freedom that allows clearer thinking, appreciation for here and now....ultimately being in the moment.

My adult parents, business owners, patients  -sometimes are so caught up in worry and over planning the future, over thinking the past that they miss what is the awe of nature happening in front of them. Earth day isn't just an appreciation for this planet, its taking time to be in the moment, let the curiosity inside you come out again and be mesmerized like your first trip to the Grand Canyon or touching a horse, or hearing thunder, seeing an eagle or floating the water, just the sun above, no worry about anything but where your are right now.  aaahhh.

Happy Earth Day