Tuesday, May 29, 2012

JUNE 2012 Schedule

We're on! Been a while since last post. To get up to speed, last posting was fall 2011. Went "dark" for 1/2 a year re-emphasizing local community advertising. Now that I have established some good footholds in the the community, back to blogging. I will keep posting adventures with patients on my Wordpress blog and use this to post local appearances.

Summer break brings vacation time so I have limited engagements.

1. June 9th (Saturday) Whole Foods Market Schaumburg at 3:00pm Detoxing Deconstructed
Please call (847) 585-5800 to reserve a place.

2. June 14th (Thursday) REI Oak Brook Terrace at 7:00pm Knee Pain in the Outdoor Athlete
Please call (630) 574-7700 to reserve a place.

3. June 23rd (Saturday) Northwest Community Hospital Wellness Center at 11:00am Healthy Community Project: Yoga?
Please call (847) 618-3500 to reserve a place for program #05-4104 (small fee/lunch included)

Have a great summer, see you in the classroom!