Saturday, July 16, 2011

You cant fight and cant fix what you cant face

I had a young guy come in for a rash today and when I asked how often he sees a doctor, his reply was “I don’t really need one-I am healthy”. I would always like to think me and my collegues from around the world are worth visiting if you are interested in saving your life. Unfortunately, statistics in 2000 showed Iatrogenic deaths (caused usually while in a hospital) were number 3 in the US right after heart disease and cerebrovascular death. So…..maybe its good that this young guy stays away? Naaaa, this is why I love Integrative Medicine- the judicious use of scientific western medicine and the intelligent use of natural medicine.

One of the most common issues that accumulate to great degrees are feelings of anxiousness, anger and doubt in my 30+ year olds. One would think “these are psychological symptoms that arent that common or lifethreatening” but we see high blood pressure, or insomnia, or reflux, or impotence in essentially 8 of 10 patients that come in for "routine physicals" -and these are usually based on anxiety and stress. So how does the average American take care of such a problem? Most usually wait until the issue causes physical problems and MD's usually treat only the physical ailements with medicines. Patients and doctors ignore the psychological and spiritual aspect rooted in disease and miss the whole picture.

Taking smaller steps at an earlier time in the evolution of a disease process usually results in postponing when the symptoms show up (and health conscious folks sometimes the disease never shows up) I believe you have to acknowledge your problem before you can start working to solve it. How can someone self-assess when judgement is already impaired? Or perhaps there is no prior knowledge of how normal should feel? Ahaa!! This is where a well trained doctor-team can be useful; to search for and point out an issue that should be adressed. Oh, its not the same when someone says, “I had an aunt with anxiety, I know what the treatment is!” If there was one treatment for everyone then there would be no further outbreak of disease since all would be cured. In fact, people get put on the “standard” treatment and still, dysfunction exists. Truth is that everyones personality is “a little different’; everyones family dynamic is “a little different”; everyones outlook on their neighbors is “a little different”….so treatment has to be personalized every time. Aint just one pigeon hole that works for everyone. Friends, doctors, counselors, psychologists, naturopaths, "intervention groups", dieticians, coaches are all very powerful ways to realize things about yourself that you wouldnt have seen. So it all starts with self revelation and realization.