Saturday, November 22, 2008


Talked to my daughters classmate mom and she claims the allergy doc did a bunch of tests and all were normal but the diagnosis was still a pertussis infection. She had been out of work (stewardess) for about 3 months. Now she is a little better but still with a hoarse voice. Also the asthma that has been "dormant" since childhood is back. Doc placed her on 2 rounds of big antibiotics and is about to do it again. I told her she needed a probiotic with all that normal flora destruction, omega 3 fish oil and probably digestive acid aid. She had very good trust in her doctor but it sounded as if the doc was just blaming it on a tough bacteria and a resurgence of asthma. Obviously the doc did the right thing for looking into was caused it but probalby should have continued on with my suggestions.

In western medicine, rheumatologist do agree with the start of some reactive arthritis issues with an infection. The issue comes up as is it the infection that begins the arthritic condition or the use of antibiotics the starts it. Probably a little of both but the "Saguil Approach" always includes a probiotic to follow the use of any antibiotic. Another doc in the ER does the same with the patients she sees and I applaud her for it. I also think that patients going to the ER for terrible symptoms also expect to get a script of two before they leave to feel they got a reward for waiting so long in the waiting room. An extra 5-10 minutes usually would educate a family on why antibiotics arent always good but I am supposed to see an average or more than average of 3.5 patients per hour to show I am pulling my share of the work load in a months time. Even out of a private practice into an ER, statistics and numbers are always the way administrators determine if we are doing are job as docs. Saving lives, getting people healthier just doesnt work in the insurance business.

I give up!