Friday, September 5, 2008

The Doobies

I had a guy argue why he takes marijuana. States he functions better at work, has less inhibitions, sleeps great and has great sex. Seems like a wonder drug right? His argument was backed by a very stern determination to trump me and my medical knowledge. He was expecting to hear the usual horror stories of how drugs are bad and conservative opinion usually comes from those that are "straight" church going parents. I side stepped that and asked him if remembers being verbally abused, physically abused or bullied in highschool. I could see he wasn't ready for that rebuttal.

I simply told him that an "average human" can function in a 9-5, interact with a spouse, and sleep without a pill or bottle or weed. When we have to supplement our lives with anything, it is usually because something basic is missing. Just like my 2 other posts this month on vitamins and Monavie, even with supplements, one still has to establish basics for the body to work right. Coming up with which basic is missing in those that require marijuana for getting through the day is very tricky. In the medical field, there are specialists like "Dr Drew" who deal with addiction medicine and very well versed with knowing what would probably work best to define issues with those "who use". It takes alot of trust to open up to a stranger, it also takes a lot of trial and error to find a therapist or doctor you feel you can open up to.

The biggest step is to realize using marijuana means there is a medical reason for the desire to keep going back to it. The next step is to see a medical provider for guidance. A primary care doctor should be the first step. Unfortunately, it will usually require a family member or loved one to bring the problem to the users attention. If nothing is done, the problem eventually will compound since stress and life trials will always get worse as we get older and our worlds become more complicated.

The last thing I mentioned to him is.......look at Bob Marley, he died using weed.