Sunday, July 27, 2014

LUCY (spoiler alert)

Just finished this movie written and directed by Luc Besson.  I went for the action and CGI but was amazed to experience the emotion he was trying to convey.   The previews were "tasty" to movie goers looking for car chasing, guns, drugs and human blood.  Weaved into the scenes was this recurring theme of enlightenment. Watching this made me feel validated on my search for deeper healing/medicine with some of our modern day sages (Andrew Weil, Deepak Chopra, Herb Benson).  I had been on a journey to quench a thirst that the standard 200 year old texts we use for learning health are not the answer to understanding the healing power of  inherent human energy.  This energy is replicated and passed on via DNA in efforts to improve the vessel that is doing the passing.  If the vessel evolves, the universe benefits from the improvement in energy shared.   When the universe benefits, the vessel is supported to "do more".  A win win scenario to this existence.

First scene was bloody involving Asians underworld and drugs.  Innocent American  thrown into a frenzy of killing and contra ban-typical opening action movie.   The twist is when a man made substance used to bring a depressed society (with rotten teeth and poor health) into a few seconds of high/happiness- actually unlocks the path to the ultimate existing in infinite bliss. The rest of the movie was a roller coaster  used to carry viewers to the directors message of universality.  The reason most dont experience it- we have not learned to apply the true power of the mind.  Humans have just created a scaffolding of science and math to help teach knowledge and intelligence.  The problem is when the vessel passing on the information cant continue to grow/evolve due to the limits of the language the vessel created.

Knowledge is empowering, teaching is fulfilling.  I think we get too bogged down by the concept that we are all individuals and "I have a better concept" instead of "how can I can help".  We are hardwired to be heard, to be acknowledged, to feel good about being part of something (contribute).  This built-in message in our individual DNA proves we are all connected.  Ultimately we are all vessels built by a universe to contribute to its constantly flowing energy.  I believe society has destroyed this message of wanting to be acknowledged (to be liked on facebook).  The social media has taken us away from the beauty in finding our strengths and purpose in life and instead has cultivated the urgency of going for the fast reward of posting or creating what ever gets people to say WHOA!!!   Creating what is in your heart takes effort and energy.  Shooting a gun, crashing a car, stealing is has high shock value but doesn't chisel out the reward that is hidden in the bolder of a sculpture, in the paint brush of an artist or the soil of a gardener.  Our modern use of the internet has united a world separated by continents but has also stagnated growing artists healers and nurturers.

The proof to my contemplating: in listening to the moviegoers discuss what they just watched, I heard one gentleman saying to his younger texting companion:  "if you get uncomfortable with the emotion the director is trying to convey and go straight the your smart phone to feel comfortable will just have to start all over again in building up an emotional level the actor/story teller is trying to bring you to."   I liken it to computer games and ADD- if young people are constantly bombarded by speed, sound, visual experiences that demand focused attention, it will be hard to "unplug" and experience the true rewarding power of nature/the universe/existence.  That part of the brain that is getting the the stimulation programed into a computer code is small compared to the part of the brain responsible for creation, happiness, love.   Thing is, the computer programmer has found a way to deliver the "caffeine rush" to the fight or flight brain-parts that bypasses traditional "unlocking" of the reward system built in our DNA.  If given a choice to effortlessly get a caffeine rush vs read, learn, interpret, create....most people will choose the proverbial apple in the garden.

The point I was able to arrive at with Lucy: when we only go for the apple in the garden, we don't learn to utilize the massive gift created by the universe.  The vessel we exist in may have evolved from homosapien to modern day Prada wearing creatures of plastic surgery and hormones but our minds are still functioning at a little higher than cave man status.   Bottom line with Luc Besson's creation; it delivers the visual reward for Hollywood but also has the hidden lesson that we are all interconnected not only to each other but to nature/the universe.  "I am everywhere" (I give it 2 thumbs up)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Duality of Healing and Healthcare

I just got tagged for 4000.00 malpractice insurance payment and a 700.00 license renewal.   I spent 2-3 hours on a "mandatory" online education that was supposed to take a few minutes.   Multiple meetings to make sure all doctors are "on the same page"- making diagnosis and treatment plans universal.   Yet my malpractice climbs every year (even though in 20 years I have never been sued); reimbursement falls every year; my paycheck is the same as a 27 yearold just getting out of residency training (since the Kelly Blue Book says all family practice doctors should be practicing and making about the same all over the US).
Most of the doctors I know went straight from college to medical school to residency (a few of us to fellowship and a handful to a second fellowship).  Suffice it to say, most of my colleagues have not been trained in business so running an office is a tough learning curve we don't have time to do the correct way - going back to school.  This is why many choose to be an "employee" of a large corporation so you can practice with "autonomy" and leave the business to the hospital administrators.  But your med school guru didn't teach you that if your practice is run by a non medical human, compassion and time are not in the formula for turning a profit.  If a director has to answer to a board, he won't be saying "our doctors are very loved by the community, one of our physicians gave a great lecture at a local high school, we had a doc interviewed on television".   The director report is real time paper/graph generated results with prospective graphs for the future and comparison statistics to local competition.   I will never forget working for a Hospital in the Center of Dupage, the immediate care centers in the 90's closed doors at 9-10oclock to save on electricity and payroll.  All the centers except one; this Convenient Care just happened to be in the neighborhood of several board members in Wheaton!!!  (the rumor was it was closer to the Wheaton-ites than going to the hospital so they were advised to stay open later)    Alot of hospital high ranking administrators will want their employees to streamline, follow protocol, not give away anything but yet whenever I hear a COO/CFO is bringing his kid in or a board member wants to be in and out sounds like the people that make the rules of how doctors are supposed to heal, follow a different set of rules.
If you look at how much sacrifice was spent in school, how little reimbursement is given for invested problem solving, how much time is lost away from children and spouses/ waking up answering phone calls in the middle of the night and seeing sick people in the hospital.....and compare to a business major finishing college, starting a company, hiring employees (doctors) and starting another business-it doesn't compare.  It used to be an honorable and guaranteed business in the 70's and 80's ....but not now, in fact the stressors of being brought up to "do great things" but then being told that you are "standard and should be practicing in the mean average of doctors" is so heart breaking.
This is where the schizophrenia of medicine exists.  We are groomed to heal others, give back to the community, continue learning since it will help humanity.....but at the same time, don't used intuition, don't listen to your heart, follow protocol make sure you don't deviate from policy.  Isn't healing a dynamic thing that varies from person to person, from country to country, from harvest to harvest?

The Saguil Approach is to take a regular paying job (so the kids can get a great education and walk home safe).  At the same time-Sow my Healer oats-take a chance with practicing medicine from the heart, outside the wallstreet paradigm without worrying about following hospital protocol, government restrictions and getting reimbursed for healing lives and not just making pharmaceutical industry wealthier.  I joined several groups to increase chances for 40 hours a week of steady income, I also have a twice a week consulting service where I practice "no holds barred" medicine (weaving between western and alternative medicine, educating and empowering, making suggestions for relaxation practice, hand picking herbal supplements and embracing physical changes to help immunity/recovery.)
This is my duality = DrRicOnDemand-using modern technology to administer old fashioned healing.