Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Path to Perfection

The Hippocratic Oath we recite as physicians describes the duty doctors have to "Optimize" your health and healing for maximum response.  Those who follow me know I believe one size doesn't fit all.  A health plan should be personal and designed for small changes that daisy chain their way to your hundreth birthday. While on this path, even if we attain the point of a healthy way of living.....there is always the next "event",  I had created a video on stroke (my sister asked for advice for her relative) and wouldn't you know it, the universe presented 3 stroke patients to me within a week in addition to the briefly highlighted Coach Kubiak stroking out during half time.  (maybe its the- "start being aware of blue cars and you notice alot of blue cars" phenomenon). The human body is in a constant state of change. Without your awareness, cancer cells are being produced and destroyed, bacteria are trying to enter the small intestine but corpuscles are eating them up, hair and nails grow, skin sheds, muscle fibers of the heart contract and relax with perfect timing, the liver is chemically dissolving carcinogens, blood clots form but are just as fast dissolved.  There are all these events that go on....all the while, time passes by and we age.  In our infancy, the bodies systems are delicate and susceptible to failure (infection/emotional harm); in our youth the systems are strong programmed to replicate the species (bullet proof to most infections/tolerant to poor sleep/primed to destroy most carcinogens); midlife is when the strength decreases and disease manifests (taking the weak and reckless, preserving most conservatives); then comes senescence when physicality is not as important but wisdom blossoms to advise the "herd to continue".   Over the centuries, human lifespan has increased (on record the oldest human is 120) in part due to-water filtration, antibiotics, vaccinations, surgical techniques, agriculture. Unfortunately, industry has gone out of control and this shift is occurring where people are convinced that they can live recklessly because they "deserve it".  Just like all those "events" in the body that occur without your awareness-bad descisions that are made without any immediate repercussions so engrained as "I can do that again since nothing happened-cut in line, shop lift, go over the speed limit, try a cigarette, get drunk, stay up all night, not go to church.....gain weight, sleep less/drink more coffee, not get a physical, go from drinking on the weekend to drinking every day, go from eating home cooked meals to "drive through" 3xdaily, finishing a supersized popcorn and coke.during a 3 hour movie!!!!"  Before you know it, the mirror shows and overweight, diseased, emotionally unstable, heartbroken human that now cant fight infection, cant digest, cant process memory, cant sleep, cant stay awake, cant move, cant smile.  Industry steps in an "fixes" all those problems with a pill for each issue.  That temporary fix stabilizes life for the time being and some make it to senescence ......but wait-I now have 7 pills I depend on to get me through 24 hours and have no wisdom to contribute (since a few of the pills screw up thinking straight).....I am now a burden to the youth.

The Path to Perfection has been horribly skewed and this human organism is evolving into some old diseased non-hunter-gather thing that should have died but is being allowed to exist with false health/healing.  The wisdom humanity relies on has been concentrated into the minds/training of our physicians and the honored job of your doctor has always been to shed light on how you are falling away from the path and design a map to get you back to the trail.  No 2 humans are alike (even twins) and each will step off the trail at a different point.  It is up to the keen wisdom of a doctor to design steps to return you to wholeness.  If you are plugged into a one size fits all protocol for fixing disease, the chances for individual success diminish as the total amount of problems accumulate.  The thinking is if you have an average single medical problem, "one pill aint gonna hurt you". ( Look around and find out who is on just one pill.)  When you come in with multiple medical problems....most efficient thing to do in the office is renew the prescriptions if there are no complaints.  Unless the patient asks "is there an alternative".

Money Shot:  Your average doctor doesn't know of alternative treatments.  You Path to Perfection is highly dependent on you doing your own research from reliable sources (click to see my favorite trusted "information sites)/ ask your "Medicine Man" on thoughts about your research/ pay attention to your  "signs" when your brain say "I probably shouldnt do this" you probably should walk away.  Taking all these inspirational ideas from others who have made it to 90 years is a good start but plan to carve your own path to arrive at your pinnacle.